Shedding Light on Tech Debt! (Quite literally!)
Shardul Lavekar
September 25, 2023

Managing tech debt is akin to navigating a room cluttered with unseen obstacles in the dark. It's a challenge that developers and teams face daily, but what if there was a way to turn on the lights and reveal the hidden paths to cleaner, more efficient code? Enter Unlogged's latest release, version 1.18.5, a beacon of hope in the battle against tech debt.

The Tech Debt Conundrum

Tech debt, a term familiar to anyone involved in software development, represents the cumulative cost of expedient decisions over ideal ones. It accumulates silently, often unnoticed, and can impede progress, introduce vulnerabilities, and hinder the scalability of your project.

The real challenge with tech debt lies in identifying where it resides within your codebase. It's like attempting to tidy up a messy room with the lights turned off—ineffective and prone to missing critical issues.

Unveiling Unlogged's Solution

Unlogged's commitment to aiding software developers in their quest for code excellence is unwavering. With version 1.18.5, we have introduced a groundbreaking feature that quite literally sheds light on tech debt.

Instantly Highlighted Code Execution

The star of the show is the ability to instantly highlight the lines of code that are executed. How is this achieved? It's as simple as adding one dependency and making direct function calls. Unlogged will do the rest, illuminating the code paths that your application traverses.

Imagine the power of this insight. You can now see precisely which lines of code are touched when functions are invoked. This knowledge is invaluable for:

1. Test Coverage Analysis: Understand how much of your codebase is covered by different sets of inputs. Identify gaps in your test coverage and take steps to address them effectively.

2. Refactoring: Armed with data on executed code, you can make informed decisions about which parts of your application need refactoring. Prioritize areas with the highest execution frequency to reduce tech debt strategically.

Here is a demo explaining the feature.

Integration with Postman

But that's not all. Unlogged's brilliance extends to integration with Postman, the popular API testing tool. You can use your existing Postman API calls to achieve the same coverage insights. This synergy between Postman and Unlogged simplifies the process of understanding how APIs are used and optimizing them for efficiency.

It's Open Source and Free!

We believe in the power of collaboration and have made our SDK open source and free for all. They understand that addressing tech debt should be accessible to everyone, and this release is a testament to their commitment to the software development community.

In the quest to manage tech debt effectively, visibility is the first step. Unlogged's latest release, version 1.18.5, brilliantly illuminates the darkest corners of your codebase, revealing where tech debt hides and how it can be tackled. With instant code execution highlighting and seamless integration with Postman, this release empowers developers to make informed decisions, enhance test coverage, and refactor strategically.

So, why wait? Take Unlogged's latest release (1.18.5) for a spin and watch as it quite literally shines a light on your code, guiding you towards a cleaner, more efficient, and more maintainable software future. It's time to banish tech debt from the shadows and bring it into the light!

Shardul Lavekar
September 25, 2023
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