Unlogged is on a mission to catch every bug at the earliest!

Code bases become complex and difficult to maintain as the product is developed and updated, and as new features are added and existing ones are modified. This introduces regression and we are on a mission to catch such issues in the development cycle.

Our Story
From record and replay to generating unit tests!
Feb 2022
Record and Replay
We started as Videobug - a time travel debugger. Developers could replay a bug on a remote machine and fix it in minutes.
Jun 2022
YC Happened
We made it to the summer 22 batch of the prestigious Y Combinator!
Aug 2022
Soft Pivot
We realised that our agent has performance impact and found no takers for putting our agent in production.
We decided to soft pivot and build an auto generator for unit tests.
Aug 2022
Unlogged was born
We named it Unlogged. (Logs unlocked!) We launched the product with 3 customers and started iterating.
Jan 2023
9th Jan - Public Launch!
After days and nights of coding marathons, we finally launched the product!
Our vision
Our vision is to make dev teams super productive!
Our Values
We strive to help you deliver bug-free software faster.
Developer Productivity
Developers are a highly expensive and valuable resource in a company. Using Unlogged saves around ~2 hours of developer time every day.
Time to Fix
Today’s code bases are complex. Back tracking what went wrong from a mesh of micro-services takes time and could mean loss of revenue.
Zero Tech Debt
Use Unlogged to create and maintain your unit tests. Be confident in modifying the code base and refactor the code which is not used.
Our Team
Who are we?
We have developed several production grade applications in Java, GoLang, Python and Javascript and spent enough nights fixing regressions.
Shardul Lavekar
Founder / QA
Passionate about helping developers find bugs early. 
Believes in a hands-on approach and thrives on working in a fast-paced, dynamic environment.
Parth Mudgal
Founder / Software Engineer
Massive contributions in open source projects. Loves pushing the boundaries of technology. Give him a problem, and he would have at least 3 solutions to it.
Amogh CR
Writing clean, efficient, and maintainable code, problem solver at heart.
Akshay Saini
Passionate about creating intuitive and engaging digital experiences for users.
Customer reviews
What our customers say?
We have been using Unlogged for the past few months and it has been a value add given that we are a startup and we don't really have enough bandwidth to spend on writing unit tests and thinking about code coverage. It helps us generate unit tests within minutes and is easy once you get used to it! It took us sometime to use it when the product was in early stage but the Unlogged team has been very proactive in resolving the blockers!
Yatharth Lakhera
Senior Software Engineer, Ayuhealth
We are the early adopters of Unlogged to automatically generate the unit test cases for our Java code. We were pleasantly surprised to see the results of what this plugin provided us that normally used to take manual efforts of ~2-3 hours by our developers.
The team at Unlogged was very much supportive to help our developers train and start using the tool effectively. We would continue to use the tool for all of our remaining codebases. Can't wait to try out the next set of features.
Pranav Khambayatkar
VP & Head of Engineering
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