Know what you are breaking, instantly!

For every line of code change, Unlogged replays the pre-recorded inputs for the relevant function and informs you, if you are causing regressions.

Devs at these companies chose to be productive!

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Is your dev team tired of similar issues?
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Long feedback loops
Developers wait for the end to end tests to run and know what they are breaking.
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Maintaining Unit Tests
Unit Tests, although very useful, have a fickle life span. They need to be maintained and re-written even for small code changes to keep up with the code coverage policy.
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Mocking does little help
Unit tests mock a lot of dependencies, and external calls. In reality, a lot of issues are found in integration tests. Atomic Run executes changed code in integrated fashion.
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Tracing and Logging
Figuring what went wrong on production, and re-creating scenarios that led to a bug, could be time taking and frustrating.
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Unending Regressions
Despite investing a lot of time and resources in QA, something breaks in production. More testing seems to delay feature release timelines.
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Meeting Coverage Goals
Writing unit tests takes time. Some of the teams we work with spent 50% of their time writing unit tests. For every new feature, meeting the policy of 90% plus code takes a lot of time from development work.
Generating Unit Tests in 3 easy steps
Install the plugin
Install Unlogged from the IntelliJ marketplace.
Record code execution
Add our agent to your JVM config. This agent starts recording your code execution, when you run the code.
Generate Case
Run your code, and hit your APIs with Postman. We will show your test candidates. Hit generate and you will have unit tests in seconds!
Automate writing Unit tests, save valuable dev time.
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Get Early Access
Unit tests become obsolete frequently. Use Unlogged to generate and maintain unit tests.
2.5 hrs
Dev time saved every day!
Meaningful Test Code Coverage in days
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How does it work?
We hot reload your code changes and re-run only the changed function with a set of pre-recorded inputs. We then compare the return values of these functions and tell you if something changed.
Why Unlogged?
Know the breaking changes, as you code.
Shoot your code coverage to 90%+ in minutes.
No context switch - test what you changed, thoroughly.
Start debugging right where it matters.
We have been using Unlogged for the past few months and it has been a value add given that we are a startup and we don't really have enough bandwidth to spend on writing unit tests and thinking about code coverage. It helps us generate unit tests within minutes and is easy once you get used to it! It took us sometime to use it when the product was in early stage but the Unlogged team has been very proactive in resolving the blockers!
Yatharth Lakhera
Senior Software Engineer, Ayuhealth
We are the early adopters of Unlogged to automatically generate the unit test cases for our Java code. We were pleasantly surprised to see the results of what this plugin provided us that normally used to take manual efforts of ~2-3 hours by our developers. The team at Unlogged was very much supportive to help our developers train and start using the tool effectively. We would continue to use the tool for all of our remaining codebases. Can't wait to try out the next set of features.
Pranav Khambayatkar
VP & Head of Engineering
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What does Unlogged Agent do?
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The agent byte code instruments your application so that everything happening inside your code gets recorded in the form of logs. We specifically record input and output values of each function.

What do i= and e= mean inside the VM parameter?
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Packages with i equals are recorded and packages with e equals are excluded from the recording.

Are you sending my code/data outside?

Unlogged comes packaged with Unit Test boilerplate, Atomic Run, Direct Invoke, ChatGPT & Self Hosted Alpaca integration. Of this, if you use ChatGPT - your code/data will be sent to ChatGPT. No other feature sends your code or data outside your laptop.

Do you support server side hot reloading?

No, we are working on it and getting there.

Can I deploy this on staging?

Yes, we are working on a staging deployment and we will get there soon.

How is this different from JUnit?

You have to write and maintain unit tests to test function level changes. With Atomic Run, you don’t have to.
JUnit mocks external function calls. Atomic Run doesn’t mock anything at the moment.
JUnit help you with TDD. Atomic Run helps you know if your code changes are breaking something in production.

Begin your shift-left testing journey, now!
Use Atomic Run to know possible regressions, right when you are changing the code.
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