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Is your dev team tired of similar issues?
Mocking is hard icon
Mocking is hard
It is difficult to create accurate mock objects that represent the behavior of external APIs, DB calls and downstream services.
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Unit test cases is 2x work
Writing unit test cases means writing a lot of code. No wonder a lot of us just avoid it.
feature icon
Features take priority
Business and Product folks want more features. No one ever found time to write proper unit test cases.
end to end icon
E2E doesn’t help
Backtracing a bug from a complex web of micro services is hard and time consuming. Wish someone else wrote unit tests for the code.
legacy code icon
Can’t cover Legacy Code
Legacy code is often poorly documented, tightly coupled and difficult to modify, which makes it hard to add test hooks and other instrumentation needed for testing.
unending regression bug icon
Unending Regressions
Regressions could be difficult to identify and fix, specially when the code starts getting old. Time taken to fix such issues is proportional to revenue loss.
Generating Unit Tests in 3 easy steps
Install the plugin
Install Unlogged from the IntelliJ marketplace.
Record code execution
Add our agent to your JVM config. This agent starts recording your code execution, when you run the code.
Generate Case
Run your code, and hit your APIs with Postman. We will show your test candidates. Hit generate and you will have unit tests in seconds!
Automate writing Unit tests, save valuable dev time.
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Get Early Access
Unit tests become obsolete frequently. Use Unlogged to generate and maintain unit tests.
2.5 hrs
Dev time saved every day!
Meaningful Test Code Coverage in days
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The only way to write Unit Tests
Generating unit test cases has been a research topic since last 2 decades.We record the code execution and generate unit tests in minutes.
Get Early Access
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Mock automatically
We automatically write those mocking calls which take hours of dev time.
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Use recorded data
We use real world data from the recording in the test cases. Real-world data accurately simulates the conditions that the code will encounter when it is used in practice.
test candidates icon
Suggest Test Candidates
Based on the data each method received, we suggest test candidates. Verify the candidates once and generate the cases in minutes.
unit tests or functional icon
Unit or Functional
Chose if you want to test just one function or a series of functions at once.
security icon
Built for security & Privacy
Unlogged is an offline first solution. Protecting your code is of paramount importance. We have gone extra miles to make Unlogged work in fully offline mode.Unlogged IDE plugin records code execution and stores the logs on your own machine.
Without internet icon

Works offline

data saved locally icon

Data saved locally

What do we track ?
We track analytics which covers computer username, and events around test case generation. None of your code, or data is sent outside your environment.
We have been using Unlogged for the past few months and it has been a value add given that we are a startup and we don't really have enough bandwidth to spend on writing unit tests and thinking about code coverage. It helps us generate unit tests within minutes and is easy once you get used to it! It took us sometime to use it when the product was in early stage but the Unlogged team has been very proactive in resolving the blockers!
Yatharth Lakhera
Senior Software Engineer, Ayuhealth
We are the early adopters of Unlogged to automatically generate the unit test cases for our Java code. We were pleasantly surprised to see the results of what this plugin provided us that normally used to take manual efforts of ~2-3 hours by our developers. The team at Unlogged was very much supportive to help our developers train and start using the tool effectively. We would continue to use the tool for all of our remaining codebases. Can't wait to try out the next set of features.
Pranav Khambayatkar
VP & Head of Engineering
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Join our discord channel for any other questions.

Can we deploy this on staging? I have 50+ microservices!
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Yes, you can. We are coming up with a remote deployment soon.

What technology stack do you support?
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Java, Scala and Kotlin. Go, Python and NodeJS coming soon.

Does this work on Android?

Not yet, we are working on changes that will also work for Dalvik.

How will the pricing work?

We will come up with a pricing plan soon.

Do I need to learn JUnit to use the product?

No, you don’t.

Can I use Swagger or UI instead of Postman?

Yes, you can.

Start your unit testing journey with us!
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