Software Engineering
The Software Engineering Personas
Shardul Lavekar
February 8, 2023

We have been talking to about 100+ developers every week and figured out a few software engineering personas.

  1. The Coding Cowboys

Folks who literally live by “I don’t always debug my code, but when I do - I do it on production.” Typically seen in startups where the velocity of feature delivery is super fast.

  1. The Test-Prophet

We have always run into folks who always preach (and sometimes follow) Test Driven Development. Following TDD shoots up go-to-market timelines in the short term but ultimately helps speed up the overall software development.

  1. The Code-Shy

Folks who joined the company recently, or don’t have a lot of hands-on experience in pushing production-grade applications. If the existing code base is covered with unit tests, these folks can move fast and start contributing to your product. 

  1. The Test-Dodger

Say anything about writing unit tests, these folks will find out reasons not to. They have read all the blogs that say end-to-end test cases are the way to go about testing.

  1. The Tech-Debater

React js or Vue js? Java or Javascript? Python is the greatest programming language or not? Pick any of these topics, these folks will always be up for a heated debate, with anyone from peers to the CTO of the company.

  1. The Debugging Detectives

Production Issues? The quickest way to fix them is to get these debugging detectives in action right away! Debugging across a mesh of microservices is their backyard.

  1. The Test-Fugitives

Folks who claim that unit tests aren’t important at all. They usually shine well since they could deliver features fast. However, when the project goes to a maintenance stage, they jump ships. Folks who take over from them, have a hard time maintaining the project though. 

So which persona do you connect with the most? Do join our discord channel and let us know.

P.S. This post is to be taken strictly in a lighter vein. 

Shardul Lavekar
February 8, 2023
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