Automated Regression Testing with Unlogged: The Superior Choice Among the Regression Testing Tools for Java
Shardul Lavekar
August 1, 2023

As software development team grows and continues to advance, efficient and accurate regression testing becomes paramount. Developers seek tools that can automate this process seamlessly, ensuring that code changes do not introduce unintended side effects. 

We all know the famous test automation pyramid by Mike Cohn.

Since writing unit test takes a lot of effort, we will explore what popular tools developers use to generate boilerplate for unit tests.

Here are the tools that make Java developer’s life easier: Randoop, SquareTest, EvoSuite.

Randoop: A Java-Centric Regression Testing Tool

Randoop is a Java application designed to assist developers in writing unit tests. However, setting up Randoop involves finding separate dependencies, including the correct version of JUnit, which can be time-consuming and challenging. While Randoop offers the advantage of running on a Java developer's environment with access to JRE/JDK, its setup process may be less straightforward compared to other tools.

SquareTest: Quick and Simple, But Limited Test Generation

SquareTest boasts the advantage of being the easiest to set up and use. Its on-screen instructions ensure a smooth installation process, even for less experienced users. However, it is primarily designed to produce boilerplate test classes rather than complete test cases, limiting its applicability in certain scenarios. SquareTest may not be ideal for all test case generation needs, which may lead developers to seek alternative solutions for more comprehensive testing.

EvoSuite: The Slow Starter

EvoSuite is a powerful tool for test generation, but it lags behind in terms of setup complexity. Developers must install the plugin, specify Maven and Java home, and add EvoSuite to the pom.xml for test generation. The need to refer to documentation and hunt for system installations of Maven and Java adds extra overhead and may lead to frustration. For those using IDEs like IntelliJ, handling environment variables can be cumbersome.

Unlogged: Automated Regression Testing

At Unlogged, we earlier generated perfectly working unit tests based on the method input and return values. But we realized that developers don’t want to maintain the generated code. Unlogged now offers an automated snapshot of Java methods. Unlogged hot reloads your code changes, and replays only the changed code and alerts you if you are breaking something.

Here is how we think Unlogged is the best solution for automating regression testing.

Advantages of Unlogged over Competitors:

a) No Extra Code: Unlogged requires no additional code maintenance, allowing developers to focus on the task at hand without worrying about complex setup procedures or boilerplate code.

b) Instant Replay: The ability to replay tests ensures that developers can quickly identify and fix regressions, promoting a more efficient development process.

c) Easy Integration: One dependency in pom.xml or build.gradle is all it takes. Unlogged automatically starts capturing snapshots of Java methods.

d) Code coverage goals: Developers can get instant feedback on code coverage when they start using Unlogged.

We think that maintaining generated code is going to be tedious and cumbersome. 

A no code testing solution that instantly alerts you of possible regressions - will be hugely useful.

Btw, Unlogged is open source and free! 

Shardul Lavekar
August 1, 2023
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