Bug Bounty Program
Hunt Bugs - Get Rewarded
Join our Bug Bounty Program to improve our open-source tool's stability, usability, and security. Earn rewards for responsibly disclosing any issues you find.
Critical Bugs
₹20,000 INR
High-Impact Bugs
₹10,000 INR
Medium-Impact Bugs
₹5,000 INR
Low-Impact Bugs
₹2,500 INR
Appreciation Bugs
₹2,000 INR
Terms & Conditions
  • Bug bounty is for bugs only in java unlogged-sdk or the Unlogged IntelliJ Plugin
  • Note that the bug you raise, shouldn't be already known.
  • We will decide the severity and priority of the bugs.
  • We will announce the winners along with the cash prize on our Discord group.